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CCE distinguishes between core partners and cluster partners. As core partner you have a number of mutual obligations that have to be as comparable as possible in order to gain the largest quality and outcome conceivable for the partners and the project. As cluster partner you can – to a large extent – set your own agenda and there is a flexibility to choose and not choose within the CCE framework according to what fits into your specific everyday practice. CCE is simultaneously a top-down and bottom-up project, which develops and frames joint methods, but leaves it to the individual partners to decide how long, how much and in which artistic modes of expression (music, dance, theatre, film, visual art, storytelling and digital media) they want to work. Thus it is possible participating in CCE with the different qualifications that CCE will encounter in Denmark, in the Nordic countries and in Europe.



The two core municipalities in Region Midt (Central Denmark Region), Silkeborg and Viborg, form the focal point for CCE. These municipalities have been selected because of their long-time experience working with children, art and culture for the youngest. The following municipalities in the Region have agreed to participate as cluster partners: Skive, Ikast-Brande and Hedensted. In these 5 municipalities CCE will establish local work groups with participation from the practical level (teachers and pedagogues from 2-3 kindergartens and 1 school) as well as from the administrative level (consultants from schools, daycare institutions and cultural institutions). On the Nordic level core partnerships have been agreed with Bergen in Norway, Örsnköldsvik in Sweden, Reykjavik on Iceland and Riga in Latvia. At the moment CCE is striving to attach a number of core partners in the rest of Europe to the project e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Portugal and Italy. All foreign core partners are each obliged to attach a number of cluster partners, which the participants to some extent have the responsibility of providing service to within the mutually agreed framework of CCE.








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