Cultural Children of Europe


Cultural Children of Europe

Art and culture in the daily lives with children aged 0-8
A development and research project with Nordic/Baltic and European dimensions


It is our goal that children through every day familiarity with art and culture in their youngest years gain sound identities and cultural positions from which they can handle life’s changes and challenges. Thus we wish to rethink the development of culture children in Europe, who will become more adequate at handling life and gain stronger positions in life both as active citizens, professionals and as audiences in the near future as well as in a long-term perspective. Through this path the growing generation will become part of a qualitative boost of the cultural sphere specifically and of the democratic society in general.


In cooperation with pedagogues, teachers, artists, culture disseminators and researchers the project Cultural Children of Europe (CCE) will give 0-8 year-old children the best opportunities in their everyday lives to meet art and it will rethink the work with cultural expressions.

Taking its point of departure in high quality art CCE creates new cultural paths, new meetings, reflection and mutual inspiration across the borders of Denmark, the Nordic/Baltic countries and Europe. CCE rethinks, initiates, carries out, develops and exchanges artistic as well as cross-aesthetic co-operative projects.


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