Jobswop, jobshadowing and delegation

Description of Jobswop, jobshadowing and delegation

Jobswop considered a mutual exchange of 1-2 participants between the two institutions / municipalities. There could be concurrency in the reciprocal exchange, but it need not be. Jobswop can be established eg. In the form of an EK ‘twinning’. Duration: Minimum 3 days.

Job shadowing considered a shorter unilaterally visit to another institution that is not binding in terms. Return visit – however, the return visit of course agreed, if desired by both parties. Duration: Minimum 3 days.

Delegation Visit considered a small delegation of participants (minimum management + Education To. / Teachers) who are visiting another institution of shorter duration.


When you want to jobswoppe / shadowe / delegtionsbesøge, you are always welcome on their own to find a potential exchange partner – eg. A friendly municipality. After acceptance by Kulturprinsen book to itself and to recover costs incurred by sending documentation.

  1. Establishment of friendship municipality. Exchange with, before, during and after the process.
  2. Special focus on child perspective: That children meet and exchange digital. Possibly. iPad tool.
    Or focus on adult perspective: Digital exchange (eg. Related AL etc.), Between teachers + educators.
  3. Delegation Visit: Ex. 2 + 2 visits (possibly. From research. Local institution) institutions m. 3 nights.
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