Action Learning


CCE intends to fulfil the goals listed above by working with a joint method, which all interested parts will be educated in and instructed in applying during the development project. The method is action learning and in this process there are five phases.

Read more about the method and download AL-presentation here: Presentation: Action Learning (PDF)

Action learning is a method, which stimulates curiosity and makes you aware of your choice of activities, which in return sustain experiences and open up for a dialogue and knowledge sharing between professionals – pedagogue to pedagogue, teacher to teacher and artist to artist across professional competencies. Thus CCE provides a framework, which articulates silent knowledge, inspires across cultures and creates a joint language across professional competencies. Kulturprinsen, which is the project owner, draws for instance on experiences from the competence development project “Tusindben – nye møder i farver,” Viborg Municipality, August 2013 – December 2014. (publication in Danish).

One pedagogue says: “When you have attended a course on your own, it is difficult conveying what you have learnt when you return. In our cooperation with the artists the entire kindergarten has been involved. Everything and everybody has been involved.”

At joint seminar days all involved pedagogues, teachers, artists and partners in CCE will be trained to work with action learning as common method. With the same overall method as launch pad it will be simple and meaningful that CCE works in many geographies.

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