A research track will be attached to CCE with the purpose of securing the highest quality in method development, evidence-based documentation and dissemination of knowledge. A full-time Ph.D.-student from Denmark will function as action researcher with CCE as the singular research objective in a three-year period. Action research has been selected in order to optimally support the action learning processes, which constitute the joint methodical point of departure for all parties involved in CCE. In action research hypotheses are formulated; actions are initiated; valid documentation is collected; rooms for reflection are established and knowledge and evidence is shared internally between the CCE partners and externally through university colleges and universities affiliated with the partners.

A brief presentation of the ph.d. project (in danish)


Download presentations:

Seminar in Viborg 2017

Presentation from ph.d. stud. Henriette Klitnæs – Co-creative processes in CCE (PDF)

Conference in Silkeborg 2016

Presentation from ph.d. stud. Henriette Klitnæs – About Children (PDF)

Seminar in Silkeborg 2016

Presentation from ph.d. stud. Henriette Klitnæs – First foundings in the research (PDF)


Henriette Klitnæs, lecturere at Aarhus University, and Ph.D. student since September 1, 2015 at VIA and the SDU.

The Ph.D. project is linked to a development project in central Jutland municipalities entitled Cultural Children of Europe.

In terms of research Henriette Klitnæs especially interested in aesthetics.


As a mandatory part of Henriette Klitnæs’ Ph.D. process, she is currently in Australia at Griffith University in Gold Coast (a town south of Brisbane and Queensland area). Here is Henriette enrolled in the university everyday life, ‘reading groups’ meetings with her host, Peter Groot Boer, a professor specializing in action research. In addition, she met many famous people in the field (eg. Professors, etc. Who has written about action research in renowned journals and published books on known publishers). Everyone is very interested in hearing about her project and research, so she is also invitereret in to make presentations. Henriette is starting to get an overview of her empiricism and has also begun on article writing, but it is still only in the initial phase. She has a lot of material to be analyzed and is found in the pattern. The purpose of the stay is to be part of that institution, network and save with the host and analyze empirical data – and most importantly, write the dissertation.

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