How to make documentation?

How can your documentations look like?

Here is a little video-book from our CCE-seminar in Viborg, May 2017.

There are many ways you can choose to document their projects. A new and fun way could be the use of Book Creator – a digital tool that allows you to make ebooks (the app can be downloaded to iPad from the app store). It’s easy to use, and even the children can draw and paint their own ebooks on iPads, or you can take photos of children’s drawings and their activities and put them into an ebook.

On the right you see a summary of the CCE-seminar in Viborg 2017. Here, images, movies, text, and colors have become a small ebook that has been transformed into a small movie.

See the Movie on YouTube – here.

Download the eBook – here.

eBook from the CCE-seminar 2017

How to make a eBook?

How to use Book Creator:

Orther documentations oppition:

An eBook example

iPad - et pædagogisk værktøj

iPad – an educational tool (in Danish) 
Download the eBook here


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