Kulturkarusell in Bergen

Kulturkarusell in Bergen

In Bergen we are starting with an exciting collaboration with eight selected schools/SFO. Each school has two arts teachers visiting cooperating with the SFO added.

Now the last groups are filled up, and the ‘carousel’ are running … 4 schools in slight excess amount of free space, so today we posted a Facebook-ad about three of these, where we open up for applicants from all lower primary levels, not only from SFO. This is done in consultation with the SFO. That still may get more new students in several groups coming week.

Invite: See and download the invitation here.

Program for the project: KULTURKARUSELL – spring 2017


Video: Welcome by Rektor Mardon and an introduction to the Kulturkarusell-seminaret in spring 20.1.2017.


Follow Bergen on Facebook and read more about the culture school on www.bergen.kommune.no




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