Saints & Town Gates 2017

Saints & Town Gates 2017

In June 35 children and teachers from culture schools in Reykjavik, Bergen, and Riga will visit Viborg. Together with 35 Danish children and teachers, they will recreate the historical town gates of Viborg. This will take place in the Children’s Culture Festival, Snapsting for Børn / European Playground in Viborg’s park Borgvold.

Prior to the meeting in Viborg, the countries will explore their own stories of saints, town gates, and the reformation. These stories will form the basis of the artistic, co-creating processes in week 25, where all participants will join each other in Viborg. The stories will be shared and interpreted through singing, music, dance, and visual arts that will be manifested in the recreation and rethinking of the historical town gates of Viborg.

Join us in the park Borgvold and experience the creation of the five new town gates during ‘Snapsting for Børn’ / ‘European Playground’.

Thursday 22th of June the project will culminate in a vernissage at 16.00.



Fem porte til gode oplevelser for børn (Five gates for good experiences for children)

Familiedag åbner Snapsting for børn (Opning of Snapsting for Børn – European Playground)




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